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AshimaGlobus Worldwide LLC

Investments & Trading

AshimaGlobus Worldwide LLC, a company incorporated in the UAE and its Bangalore, India based partner company AshimaGlobus Holdings Private Limited exclusively represent Periwinklestar Capital Partners as their Principal Associates and act as exclusive deal originators. As originators, we are authorized to look into cases originating in MENA region, India and other global cases. 


As Principal Associates we are responsible for the origination of opportunities, promoter introductions and coordination in evaluation and assisting the team in the entire primary and secondary investment process & disbursement of funds. As Investment Bankers, we are entitled to receive a pre-negotiated incentive fee based on the deal size and efforts involved. 


We exclusively represent Periwinklestar Capital Partners on all opportunities originated by us and are responsible for the prospect from the initial origination to the conclusion. 


AshimaGlobus is associated with Periwinklestar as Investment Bankers and we originate opportunities for the private equity group and work closely with the Global investment managers Periwinklestar Advisors Pvt Ltd. For developing business, we are classified as Principal Associates of the private equity group, Periwinklestar Capital Partners. 


We at AshimaGlobus believe that a genuine promoter who wants funds, wants to work professionally and is confident about his business is an important partner to us and we help grow his business. 

About AshimaGlobus
About Periwinklestar Capital Partners

Periwinklestar Capital Partners is a Global Private Equity Investment Group with a committed investment corpus of USD 7.5 Bn in its first round of fundraising. It was formed in early 2017 by a group of highly experienced management & finance professionals having more than 100 years of collective experience, with Investment support from a group of off-shore corporate & individual high net worth investors. The Exclusive Investment Managers of this Private Equity Group are Periwinklestar Advisors Private Limited, who are responsible to manage all investments under Periwinklestar Capital Partners in India and Globally. 


Headed by Mr. Rajiv Basrur, its Executive Chairman, the group makes investments globally. The group primarily comes in as strategic Investment partners by way of Equity or Debt or a combination of both, as the situation may demand as per their perception. They invest as long-term strategic investors with an investment tenure of 8 to 10 years. .


Minimum ticket size for investment is USD 5m and above. 

About Perwinklestar Capital Partners
Sectoral Focus
  • Power Generation 

  • Power Transmission & Distribution 

  • Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals 

  • Waste Management and Water Purification 

  • Medical Grade Water 

  • Healthcare & Research 

  • Engineering Procurement & Construction 

  • Infrastructure Development 

  • Automobile & Automobile Spares 

  • Real Estate & Low-Cost Housing Development  & Warehousing 

  • Oil & Gas – Exploration, Refining, Storage & Marketing 

  • Shipbuilding 

  • Port Development & Management 

  • Aviation 

  • Water Purification & Waste Management 

  • Heavy Engineering 

  • Hospitality 

  • FMCG 

Sectoral Focus
Investment Classification
  • Listed & Unlisted Companies 

  • NPAs 

  • NBFCs 

Investment Classification
Investment Objectives
Investment Objectives
  • Growth & Diversification

  • Debt Reduction 

  • Capital Expenditure & Augmentation of Working Capital 

  • Buyouts & Revival of Stressed Assets 

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